Arul Balan R

Founder Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Balan is the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of CALS Renewable Energy India Private Limited, including group companies of SML Energy and SML Travels. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and holds a master's degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Balan serves on the Renewable Energy industry more than 20 years across Engineering power plants, Projects and Project development mainly wind and solar energy. He has sound knowledge in Product / Business development, Engineering and Project execution in system and solution business. Prior to CALS, he held leadership roles in Siemens Gamesa India, Vestas Wind Technology and NEPC.

Mr. Balan belief in the Economic and Environmental imperative of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy through Renewable Energy sources led him to form an Infrastructure and Resources company to facilitate large-scale wind projects and solar mega projects and solar rooftop solutions right from early 2003, a passion that remains the same today.

At CALS Renewable Energy India Private Limited, we aim to be a solution offering firm, capable of executing quality and valuable projects to our customers, society, and the environment.

Why & What makes us Special

CALS has built on its management team's extensive development experience, pioneering an innovative, unique, sustainable approach to wind and solar projects and setting industry-leading standards for excellence.

Build Real Users

Build Real Users

CALS acts as lead technical counsel, advising on the full range of issues for projects and transmissions. The team provides specialist expertise across all phases of a project.

Process Easily

Process Easily

We advise on the regulatory regime for the renewable power sector, including licensing requirements, regulation of generation, transmission, distribution and supply and trading arrangements.